Yay, 200,000 unique visitors. Time to party.

Very slowly rereading Strauss’ commentary on Book IV of the Memorabilia for the 932487297492th time. Supposedly, the whole Socratic teaching is presented in order with a view to “the man himself” (as opposed to man defined by his political role/social obligations). I wish I could tell you more, but while there’s more I can figure out, there’s also more I’m confused by. I tried writing on this a week ago with the intention of revising what I had written and found myself uncovering problems I hadn’t seen before.

In other news, those of you clicking sitemeter will notice that this site has gotten 200,000 unique visitors – which is, of course, less than many major blogs get in a day. I still think this is significant, although I am at a loss to articulate why. I plan on celebrating this milestone by working on a dissertation chapter all night.

In any case, a celebration calls for music:

Alright, I have to get to work. Two previous entries that bear directly on the themes I’m working on:

Yeah, those entries carry the rough outline of what I have to get through. Socrates speaks indirectly and ironically to his audience, and compounding that – as you can see in both posts – is that Xenophon is less than explicit with us. Also, if you’re really into this stuff, one consideration re: “the man himself.” Philosophy is the simply best way of life for a human, if it is possible:

Alright, now I have to really go and do some work.


  1. Thanks to all of you – this has been fun, and I just hope I can get something way nicer written for the next milestone. Hopefully 500,000 will come a lot sooner than the 200,000 did.

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