Links, 12/9/09

  • Noah Shachtman, “How the Afghanistan Air War Got Stuck in the Sky” (h/t Josh, David) – from the article: While accidental civilian deaths dropped by 87 percent in the eight weeks following the order, American fatalities have more than doubled from 2008 levels.
  • Jay Cost, “Why Does the Public Oppose ObamaCare?” – from the article: Why does the public oppose ObamaCare overall while supporting items within it? Also see Megan McArdle, “Why do so many people hate health care reform?”
  • An excellent commentary on Byron’s “So, we’ll go no more a-roving” (h/t Ario) – take especial note of the reversal of “a-roving” and “loving” in the third stanza, as the author of the commentary does. The question is “the light of the moon;” is there a way of reading this as an end to simple romance, an awakening of commitment (the light of day) and growing up? Several things about the author’s reading make me wonder.
  • Drew Morton, “Single-Serving Friend Seeking Co-Pilot” – a review of the film Up in the Air; I think I want to see this. from the article: The final performances worth noting are those of the un-professionals Reitman cast as the workers being “let go.” While filming on location across the Midwest, Reitman encountered cities ravaged by unemployment. Hoping to bring some sort of economic relief, Reitman cast numbers of unemployed, interviewed about their termination, and then asked them to reenact their reactions to the news. With the exception of a few character actors (J.K. Simmons and Zach Galifianakis most notably) spread across the film, non-professionals exclusively hold the roles of future unemployed.

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