Links, 12/3/09

  • Medal of Honor winner ordered to remove flagpole from his own property (h/t David) – this story has not been getting anywhere near enough attention. His actions in the theater around Anzio are astounding.
  • Megan McArdle, “Battling Bernanke” – from the article: Ben Bernanke could undoubtedly have done better.  But he did well enough that we are having a miserable recession instead of an all out catastrophe.  Is that well enough?  I don’t know.  But I wonder which of his potential successors would have done better.
  • Various links about the new FTC guidelines for bloggers and endorsements: Kikolani, “Do the New FTC Guidelines Affect You?” & Jeff Jarvis, “FTC Regulates Our Speech” – Jarvis’ take cites an enormous number problems with the guidelines. Do note what brought about this situation, however: incidents like these
  • “Time Limit on Surge Draws Fire” (WSJ) & “Five Unanswered Questions about U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan” (Heritage) – make no mistake, I support the President on this issue, and I know a lot of criticism is not taking into account how hamstrung he is by his own party. I hope that drawing down timeline ends up being a gray area, that this one promise doesn’t get fulfilled. There are indications that is the case (note how Gates’ approval of this plan was won). Still, I’ll only be happy when the Taliban is being beaten.
  • coriandersea (Jennifer): “finished reading anna karenina. i think i’m done committing mental literary suicide and will set aside russian literature for quite some time. after the brothers karamazov and now anna karenina i feel quite done with the dreariness of these authors for at least a solid year. combined, i’ve read 1500+ pages of depression. anna karenina wasn’t nearly as good as i thought it would be. it started off so much better than brothers karamazov, but eventually nose-dived into the realm of tedious and boring reading halfway through the book. the character of anna wasn’t nearly as impressive as i thought she would be. in fact, i was downright disappointed and found her story line utterly pathetic.”


  1. @ David – not a problem. It’s important people realize how insensitive others can be in the name of political correctness. It almost feels like one would have to be resentful of what a Medal of Honor recipient accomplished in order to make him tear down his own flagpole on his property. There’s a distinction between jealousy and envy in classical thought, where envy is this deep-seated hatred of anything that might even look like it is better, or that one should be grateful toward. It goes without saying that envy can be used by potential tyrants to rule.

    The contrary of envy would seem to be gratitude. No law can make one grateful to another, but ingratitude is manifestly unjust.

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