Veterans Day, 2009

What’s written below is by David Sullivan; with his permission I’m reposting this so it gets the attention it deserves. I’m aware there are formatting issues: I’m just happy the thumbnails work right now.

In Portland, Oregon this past Wednesday I went to my first Veterans Day Parade. I served from 1964-1968 on active duty in the Navy, then from 1979 -1996 in the Navy Reserve. This was the first time in 42 years I did not have to work Veterans Day. Weather was cloudy, crisp, dry. At the staging area I discovered that I would walk in the Parade with a couple of friends.

As we approached the marshaling area there were already a group of veterans there. It felt as if we had never parted company, although none of us knew many of the others.
Kids on Veterans Day
Cub Scouts
By the time the Grant High School marching band, Madison High Drum section, and Robert Gray Middle School band arrived along with the cub scouts, we were all talking and laughing as if we had known each other our whole lives.

Soon the politicians and dignitaries arrived, and it was time to fall in. We moved out as assigned and walked, rode, marched, rolled along in wheelchairs.

Grant on the March

Lots of little children with their parents, waving flags and simply waving. Also soldiers, sailors and Marines on the curb, waving. I was proud of my country that day and proud of all the folks who had served before, after, and with me.


  1. I took advantage of Applebee’s Veterans’ Day promo…had my form DD214 with me, but they never asked to see it. I wound up sitting at the bar between a Korean war vet and some guys who had just gotten back from Iraq. Interesting juxtaposition there…a few strangers came up to me and asked if I was a vet and when I said yes, they suddenly embraced me.
    .-= Fenway_Nation´s last blog ..I LOVE a Parade! =-.

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