Links, 11/1/09

  • Kristine Lowe, “My first meeting with tabloid media and the dog who saved my life” – on ethics in journalism, and something more. fta: Media’s handling of vulnerable people – either in a state of shock, or mentally ill people who provoke, or are caught up in, big news events – is a minefield, and one I am all too familiar with. When I was 17 I was run down by a car while out walking, and left to die next to a deserted forest road. Unconscious, bleeding heavily, face down in the snow and not visible from the road, I would not have been here today if it had not been for my dog getting help, but that’s another story…
  • Megan McArdle, “Random Thoughts on Health Care” – fta: It’s easy to get cynical about the process of the health care bills.  At this point, I’d say that conservative and liberal health care analysts both know the score.  Everyone knows that this bill won’t work as advertised:  it will not cover as many people as promised, and it will run into budget shortfalls, if for no other reason than because Congress is not going to enact the cuts as written–they will get lobbied into repealing many of them.  Doug Elmendorf has done everything but hire a skywriter to make it clear that he doesn’t think that any of the various bills will actually be deficit neutral–while doing his job, which is to score what’s written, not his best guess at what will happen.
  • Altering Labyrinth, “When Leichtmatrosen rule the deck” – anytime you hear about incompetence in governance your ears should perk up, regardless of ideology.
  • Jay Cost sees NY-23 as demonstrative of the weakness of “the contemporary party organization”

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