How to Get the Digg Short URL (for Twitter users)

A few people are amazingly kind and Digg my posts, and I of course want to help them promote my work by sharing the Digg URL on Twitter.

Trouble is, Digg URLs tend to be rather long for use on Twitter. For example, a recent post submitted:

So I typically have wanted to find the Digg short URL, which I can see in sitemeter when referral traffic comes from there. Or I just stick the longer Digg URL in, which is my usual URL shortening device.

I was playing around with the Digg page for the post listed above and clicked the “Tweet” icon that is right next to the envelope and facebook icons that you can see below:

twitter digg shot

When you click the thumbnail, you’ll also see the window that the Twitter icon opened in addition to the original Digg page, and the Digg short URL in the Twitter prompt (i.e. the field labeled “What’s happening?”). It’s really that simple but was something I tended to neglect because I’m scared to click anything I don’t really understand.

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