It’s soaked outside: it rained on and off all day yesterday, and that is continuing today. I love the color of the sky, but it is a blank with no sense of texture, nothing for the eye to wander to.

However: looking at the soggy ground and the soggy objects all around makes things seem gloomier than they are. I headed out for an errand or two yesterday, one of which included a trip across the river into Pennsylvania and several train rides. I don’t have pictures: it was getting dark while I was going; I spent time on the train and in the station both people-watching and getting a surprising amount of reading done. There were a lot of nice older buildings I passed, busy streets with much to offer. It felt nice moving about; the water was probably more of a concern for cars, given the deep potholes in abundance in these parts.

I might go wander a bit today. I want to be productive, I want to learn. Both goals will be achieved by editing, but there is something to be said for actual motion.


  1. Today is definitely a day for actual motion. My chair is just not doing it for me today. Although not fully raining out, the ground is soggy and there’s a slight fog in the air. I know my lab will appreciate any kind of wandering I can do in the next hour or so.

    Time to take a break and get my legs moving.
    Thanks for reminding me, even if that wasn’t your point.

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