Rethink in Review: October 2009

My apologies that I didn’t blog more on political philosophy this month – I didn’t really read that much offline, just Plato’s Charmides (and a dense commentary on that by Benardete) and a reread of Xenophon’s On Tyranny (finishing up the commentary by Strauss right now). I also think I completed a reread of the Oeconomicus and Xenophon’s Socratic Discourse, but yeah – I’m not real happy with the amount of reading I did this month (I think the quality and the note-taking was fine). I am happy with some of the dissertation edits.

Anyway, I did read a lot of poetry this month, and brought four poems in particular up on the blog:

I also reviewed some of Thomas Jefferson’s writings, and put forth some speculation:

And there was much written in a more practical vein about politics:

I don’t think this was the greatest month in terms of my personal reading, but I can’t say I’m displeased with the writing. The future only promises to be that much brighter.

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