Requesting some promotion help…

This isn’t to bug anyone – truth be told, a lot of you have been a huge help in promoting, and I’m grateful. But in case you’re bored and you want to be that much more help, I am not going to turn down the offer. It’s been 3 years of blogging, I feel I have to start showing something more substantial for being online, and yeah, that’s my problem and I’ll deal with it. Here’s the list of things you can do if you feel like it:

  • stumbles are always appreciated – they have a new format which is more searchable. I wonder if getting some of my posts tagged right would pay off…
  • If you’ve got a twitter and there’s an entry you like, go right ahead.
  • do consider saving links to entries you really like at delicious – this is more help than you could possibly imagine
  • Technorati has redesigned, and the site looks awesome now. Please do review this blog there; there’s also Alexa. Trust me, it’d be nice to read a few more reviews of this blog.
  • subscribing helps too: it used to be the case that blogs which were subscribed to more did better in search engine results
  • this blog is badly represented at myspace and facebook and many other social networking services. If you feel like changing that, I’m not going to stop you.

That’s all I can think of for now. Thank you all again for your help, and if you need help with anything, ask. In case you’re curious about traffic – this blog used to get 10,000 visitors a month. Around July, that number dropped by a third. In September, that number dropped in half. Traffic is recovering now but at its own pace. Believe me, I’d like a lot more than 10k a month…

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