My computer is officially out of action…

…I’m using my brother’s right now, and I want to minimize my time using his stuff. My own computer has the Google Redirect virus; after running a virus scan at boot-time, so the scan would be more thorough and not cause any more problems with existing programs running, my computer now cannot start properly at all.

Given that the Google Redirect virus is most certainly a Trojan – yeah, I’m wondering who might have a ton of info they shouldn’t – and that it is unclear to me reformatting will fix the situation, I’m going computer shopping as soon as possible. I’m keeping my computer off in the meantime.

If you have suggestions or advice (yes, I know, “get a Mac”) about the virus, I’m all ears.

Thank you for your patience. It goes without saying I am not very happy right now.


  1. Hey man! Reformatting will most certainly get rid of the problem. Of course, it’s always a hassle to reformat, but it does do the trick. the only thing you shouldn’t count on or waste time on is depending on the virus scanner… Those programs are borderline useless and, not to mention, extreme resource hog.

  2. You so have my sympathy (been there recently, which means that loyalkng’s comment makes me fret again).

    I hope you get it sorted soon and none of your work was lost. As far as I can make out those Trojans are not always used for spying purposes but also to link up computers in all kinds of attacks?

    Anyway, how about getting a cheap notebook for browsing the internet. I’m considering doing that. That way I can separate the sensitive information from the not so important stuff.
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