Links, 10/20/09

  • In Afghanistan, Army cook transforms rations into a mean burrito (h/t David): The anticipation is palpable on Mexican night at this tiny US base in the mountains of Paktika Province in eastern Afghanistan. Every Thursday, soldiers start lining up an hour early as Spc. Jose Flores hand-rolls more than 200 made-to-order burritos for the base. The creative cook has earned something of a cult following in his unit for his ability to transform military rations into tasty meals.
  • “Adopt-a-stan,” Michael Yon: If Afghanistan is to succeed, we must adopt it.  We must adopt an entire country, a troubled child, for many decades to come.  We must show the Afghans that together we can severely damage the enemies, or bring them around, and together build a brighter future.  The alternative is perpetual war and terrorism radiating from the biggest, possibly richest and most war-prone drug dealers the world has ever seen, and what could eventually reverse and become the swamp that harbors the disease that eventually kills Pakistan, leaving its nuclear weapons on the table.
  • “Conservatism Turned Upside Down,” Mark Riebling: Review of Sam Tanenhaus’ The Death of Conservatism replete with pseudo-intellectual punditry that passes for serious discussion these days (Are modern conservatives Burkean? Or Jacobin? – Who comes up with this junk? Do you care? -). Some good points.
  • What the right-wing blogosphere is currently condoning – not only not standing against, but at times engaged in active defense for – definitely frightens me. See here and here – the links are self-explanatory.

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