Links, 10/15/09

Busy. Actually getting work done. A few links about some things in the news:

  • Eric Hoover, “The Millennial Muddle: How Stereotyping Students Became an Industry” (h/t long, not much here that you haven’t seen before, but fairly thorough. Definitely a case study in the thinking that makes modern education less about education and more about class, how we want to feel about ourselves, assumptions we make, etc.
  • Nate Silver, “In Defense of Rush Limbaugh” – I don’t like Rush. But I like libel and slander even less. fta: But there’s pretty compelling evidence a couple of particularly inflammatory quotes that have been attributed to Limbaugh on CNN and at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch are things he simply never said. There’s no audio file, there’s no YouTube, there’s no transcript — there’s no sourcing of any kind to speak of, and given that Rush is one of the most listened-to and tape-recorded people in the history of the world, you’d certainly think that there would be. There’s not even some kind of half-assed backstory — “Oh, he said these things off the record at a fundraiser for Alexander Haig” — or anything like that. The quotes appear, in other words, to have been completely made up.
  • I do pick on fundamentalists, and I don’t like to: they get treated pretty badly by many in the first place. Sometimes, though, the “logic” behind fundamentalism really needs to be attacked: North Carolina church plans Bible-burning. Yes, this story is real – I’ve linked you to the google page documenting how many times this has been covered, and I know it still isn’t enough.
  • Health care reform link, courtesy Megan McArdle: how many assumptions about tax revenue is the CBO making regarding the Baucus bill?
  • Right-wing insanity becoming mainstream link, courtesy LGF: “Jerome Corsi: Very Bad Craziness on Fox News”

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