If someone is trolling in the comments, let me know asap

I don’t get that many comments, so it’s not like this is the biggest problem in the world yet. If someone gives you grief, just use the contact form and point out what’s problematic. – If I start getting that many more comments, I’ll probably have to switch to making people register an account, which is not a practice I like. –

I’m going to let a few troll comments stand because they reveal more about the poster than anything else; even when trolls make a solid point, they do so in the name of such dubious causes that all credibility is shattered.

But yeah: just let me know about bad behavior on the blog if you would. It’s much appreciated.

– And yes, no computer yet. My brother has been very gracious thus far, but it’d be nice to have my own bookmarks and browser and a place to work consistently. –

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