All Over the Place

Fall is in its fullness right now: the yard is a mess with leaves, but there’s a line of evergreen trees between my yard and a neighbor’s, and against that wall of green are the different colors of this yard’s trees. A fiery red-orange against yellow; a yellow-green yellow blend; some light green turning orange with very light brown.

I’m trying to clean up my work area and my room as I edit (ugh. I stared at a chapter I wrote last night and wasn’t even thinking when I said to myself “who wrote this crap”): I’ve been making a bigger mess than usual because I constantly need to look up things, and that requires dragging out books. And I never had enough bookshelf space for all the books I have in the first place.

The funny thing is sorting books and realizing I still need more books. Even if I were just a blogger and not a student, I’d need more books. Yeah, they’re collecting inside the house like the leaves do in the yard. But at least for right now, there’s a brightness about it all.


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