Rethink in Review: September

Yeah, I don’t like the title of this either – it’s too cutesy, but I don’t want to think about this too much. The truth is I have to write more posts like this because I can barely find anything on this blog anymore, and right now I know I have a few new readers who aren’t terribly eager to read the “Key Posts” about Lincoln or Hopkins.

So here’s a roundup of my adventures with choir (I sing baritone) over the summer (link to choir singing), attending weddings and ordinations of choir members past and present:

That last post is at the very end of August. The first notable thing I did in September was go to an art gallery –

– and that’s happened before:

I also wrote some haiku at the opening of the month: “Haiku that might as well have been purchased at Walmart.”

Poems written on this month:

A look at what I’m working on / thinking through currently:

And yes, I did go see a movie:

September isn’t done yet, not by a longshot. But those are a few things you might find worthy of attention.


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