Links, 9/3/09

Got a lot to do. A few things of note:

  • “Time for the President to Change Course,” Jay Cost – the best part of this is the very accurate observation that Nancy Pelosi has been running this country domestically as a de facto Prime Minister, and that has to stop immediately given how alien her views are from the rest of the country.
  • Michael Yon’s latest dispatch from Afghanistan might be the most important piece of alternative journalism you read – fta: We need more helicopters.  Enemy control of the terrain is so complete in the area between Sangin and Kajaki that when my embed was to switch from FOB Jackson to FOB Inkerman—only seven kilometers (about four miles) away—we could not walk or drive from Jackson to Inkerman.  Routes are deemed too dangerous.  Helicopter lift was required.  The helicopter shortage is causing crippling delays in troop movements.  It’s common to see a soldier waiting ten days for a simple flight.  When my embed was to move the four miles from Jackson to Inkerman, a scheduled helicopter picked me up at Jackson and flew probably eighty miles to places like Lashkar Gah, and finally set down at Camp Bastion.  The helicopter journey from Jackson began on 12 August and ended at Inkerman on the 17th.  About five days was spent—along with many thousands of dollars in helicopter time—to travel four miles.
  • Tales of Tent City – also see Matt’s updates from for what’s happening in Sacramento right now – lots in The Nation article I don’t like, i.e. cheap shots at Reagan that I know to be untrue, but some stories that need to be heard and fast. fta – Karen Hersh, 53, her skin red and peeling from poison oak, attributed the failure of her trucking company to rising fuel prices. She lived in her truck when she lost her home and stayed with friends when she lost her truck. Eventually, Hersh ended up in a shelter–“I didn’t like it one bit. They steal from you. They gang up on you”–and finally in Tent City.

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  1. There were some rule changes receltly causing our guys to capture a Talabani and not be able to interrogate him, because they had to be turned over to the Afghan army with in 96 hours or they had to let him go….something like that and the helicopters are being pushed to the limit…..

    Sounds like the Acorn factor…has reached Afghanastan theater…Cloward -Piven strategy…something from the UN even though the UN will not fight the weanies…

    I am holding BO responsible if he does not get the rule straight for our guys over there…

    The buck stops with him…i think the Lybian thing was not protested strongly enough by our leaders…prior to release…

    Afghanistan was watching….I am getting pissed at BO everyday…They are flying the Hammer and Sickle at the White HOuse on the 20th! Argggggh!

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