Links, 9/27/09

  • On Afghanistan: “What Bush got right offers clues for Obama.” fta – Obama’s war-fighting promise was to scale down Iraq and ramp up Afghanistan, which he argued was the necessary war. He has the strategy and the men to do just that, thanks in large part to the man who is least likely to be given credit, George W. Bush.
  • Joel Stein, “To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate.” fta – Several friends have not vaccinated their children, and we know pediatricians who recommend avoiding some or all shots. And I know almost no one who is willing to get the swine-flu shot, and not because everyone here is Jewish. It’s because while the far right gets a lot of crap about not believing in science, the left isn’t crazy about it either. Only instead of rejecting facts that conflict with the Bible, it ignores anything that conflicts with hippie myths about the perfection of nature.
  • It is incredibly dangerous to give blanket approval to the Right nowadays, or anything that opposes the Democratic party. The right-wing blogosphere has been fatally compromised: see Kejda Gjermani’s excellent critique of one blogger & the accompanying comments to understand how insane things have gotten.
  • “The unemployment rate for young Americans has exploded to 52.2 percent”

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