Links, 9/14/09

  • Charley Rosen offers a retrospective of Michael Jordan’s career that is not dumbed-down. fta – During his initial two NBA seasons, Jordan had difficulty dealing with high screens. In fact, throughout his career, speed players — most notably Kerry Kittles — could usually get to the proffered screen before Jordan could figure out exactly what defensive measures to take. By 1986-87, though, he’d learned to simply avoid most screens by tailgating the ball-handler over the top, beating the ball-handler to the screener, or somehow just slipping through whatever daylight there was. In fact, Jordan was the most accomplished screen-dodger in NBA history.
  • Taking the Right Seriously, by Mark Lilla. fta – The unfortunate fact is that American academics have until recently shown little curiosity about conservative ideas, even though those ideas have utterly transformed American (and British) politics over the past 30 years. A look at the online catalogs of our major universities confirms this: plenty of courses on identity politics and postcolonialism, nary a one on conservative political thought. Professors are expected to understand the subtle differences among gay, lesbian, and transgender studies, but I would wager that few can distinguish between the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the Cato Institute, three think tanks that have a greater impact on Washington politics than the entire Ivy League.
  • Michael Yon discusses “Pedros” in Afghanistan. fta –There is only one thing that British soldiers love more than mail and that’s Pedro.  When I told British soldiers from 2 Rifles that Pedro was going to take me, many British soldiers asked me to say “thank yous” to the Pedros.  The Pedros are a great morale booster because we know when we take casualties, Pedro is coming with miniguns and incredible medics.  When other helicopters are grounded by bad weather, Pedro goes.  When bullets are flying, Pedro comes in with miniguns blazing.  They also rescue Danish, Americans, and others, including contractors and Afghan civilians sometimes.
  • Right-wing craziness is too kind a word for this: LGF documents some of the worst and most radical tea-party signs here, here and here. There may be something worse than these fringe nutcases marching on Washington up to 60-70 thousand strong, which is the implicit acceptance of some right-leaning media of this insanity. Take a look at Instapundit and his tea-party updates: almost no mention of any of this, only an emphasis on the more reasonable “partiers.” At what point does politics involve accountability?

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