I’m Quiet Because I’m Working

I’m about done reading what I want of Gish’s dissertation, then I need to finish the reread of the Oeconomicus (I’m halfway done, but have some notes that are getting out of control) and figure out more exactly how that bears on the Memorabilia.

I wish I had something to share with you, but I’m privately rethinking many things in order that my dissertation gets done well, and the emphasis is on “private” right now. If I start sharing stuff at this moment, I’m going to get lost on tangents, and what I need to do is reread and rewrite.

I do request you help me out in terms of promotion; building links the last few days is what I’ve been doing for fun. Again, places you can help:

  • add a review of this blog on Alexa
  • add a review of this blog on Technorati
  • promote one of my posts on Stumbleupon, Reddit, Mixx, Twitter
  • add a post or two or three to delicious or another social bookmarking storage site
  • create a link back to this blog from somewhere else on the Web – Facebook, Myspace, last.fm, etc.

I have to ask for your help because you don’t realize how little this blog has been linked to, and how much work I’ve done to get even those few links. I hate to guilt trip you guys like this, but you can check my traffic stats via sitemeter below: it has not been pretty since July, this blog is down to about half of the monthly traffic it used to have. Commenting here helps – and I thank all of you for your comments – but it has to be part of a larger appeal for attention. I can’t do this alone.

A few of you are new readers or subscribers: the “Key Posts” link above may be of use, if you want something to read. I should have a poem commentary up soon, if I get some work done well tonight.

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