Links, 8/10/09

  • “Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion” (h/t Josh) – There might be something very isolating about sexual freedom as a value unto itself. fta – But the real drawback was Hef. Stuck in his perpetual Groundhog Day, padding around in his pyjamas, eating all his meals in bed, watching the same classic films with the same old cronies night after night, going to the same bars – Las Palmas on Wednesdays, Barfly on Fridays – the only variation in the routine was restaurant night on Thursdays when the Girlfriends were allowed to choose where they went. But even so, Hef always took his own food, lamb chops.
  • Two articles on North Korea (h/t – one on “totalitarian kitsch,” another on how North Koreans are getting by. From the latter: Our guides repeatedly reassured us that the people had enough food and that each Pyongyang resident receives a ration of vegetables and rice every day. They didn’t mention meat or fruit. When a member of the tour group spat out the tasteless meat that was a rare treat at one of our meals, the waitress standing behind him visibly stiffened. On one occasion, I drew a banana on a piece of paper and showed it to a waitress; she had never seen one. She knew about apples, but she had never eaten one.
  • Michael Totten in Lebanon, interviewing Kataeb VP Salim al-Sayegh (h/t Instapundit). fta – MJT: So why doesn’t Lebanon just negotiate this directly with the Israelis? Salim al-Sayegh: If I said publicly that we should negotiate with Israel… MJT: You’d get in trouble. Salim al-Sayegh: I would not make it home tonight. I would be considered an agent of Zionism.


  1. Just thinking about your description- how far does that harmonise with the ancient tyrant, impotent and surrounded by catamites. One of the primary critiques against tyranny was always moral- that it ultimately sapped both the moral strength and the desire of the tyrant- I wonder whether in a sense part of that ancient critique is right and revealed in the super rich- like Hefner.

  2. @ Gracchi – Yeah, I’ll have to think about that, not sure what angle to approach this from. I mean, the issue with Hefner is that he’s literally not in control of anything, whereas at least an ancient tyrant can kill if he needs to. I agree that the primary critique of tyranny is moral, though I think it has a lot to do with the people in a tyranny too. Hmm: what kind of 26 year old law student wants to be involved with Playboy?

  3. Probably one that can’t bag chicks. Which in my opinion definitely reinforces the idea that Hef is like a tyrant.

    It would just be awesome if he would cut someone’s body in half and have his army march through it, only to lament the frailty of life afterwards as Xerxes did!

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