Links, Super Right-Wing Edition, 7/18/09

You’ve been warned:


  1. If there are any Americans left who love liberty and freedom, they had better glom themselves together and stand up to the Great Deceiver & Usurper!

    Stand UP! …and demand that this fraud produce a valid birth certificate proving he is eligible to be POTUS under the Constitution that everybody says they want to uphold!

    When he fails to do so…throw him in the clink along with his minion Barney Madoff!

  2. @ SurDavid – Sorry, I don’t do the “birther” stuff: Barack Obama is my President. I disagree with him on a great number of things, and I do think many Democrats are very corrupt and have gotten away with a lot.

    But the reason why I post all these links is that the American people can know what they’re getting into, if they want to. As biased as the media is, as problematic as Democrats are, the truth has always been there for the taking. The really sad thing is how few Americans care.

  3. even if he was born in kenya, wouldn’t the fact that his mother was an american citizen automatically confer citizenship on him? and even if he isn’t a citizen would you believe anything that was shown now? like the f-ing president can’t get an ironclad forged birth certificate? jeez people give it up.

  4. @Tyler – The only thing that confers American citizenship is being born on American soil. Even if some special arrangement was made, you have to be a “natural-born” citizen, meaning born in America.

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