Under No Circumstances Should Jon Corzine Be Reelected Governor of NJ

Please do click the links. There are lots of pertinent issues on the table.

I’m not sure whether Jon Corzine is corrupt or incompetent; the more I read about his job performance, the more I subscribe to the latter. He is more than willing to be surrounded by those who are corrupt, and as you can tell from those links, he is more than willing to praise them. Perhaps this has something to do regarding his own (limited) skill at governing.

But the core of the case against him lies with the state of New Jersey’s economy. Job creation was supposedly a priority, and this graph shows beyond words how well that has succeeded. Moreover, when we consider the theme of “fiscal responsibility,” we have to consider the reports of how money is being spent now and how he plans to spend money.

The case is airtight. It should be no surprise that Corzine has decided he should try to run against President Bush. If you’re liberal, find another candidate: he’s going to use progressive issues to make you accept years of job losses, appointments of cronies, and spending that is coming at your children’s expense. If you’re conservative, voting for Christie is a good thing, but it would be nice to hear more about fiscal conservatism generally, and his specific plans in greater detail.

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