Re: NJ Gubernatorial Primary, 6/2/09

I voted for Lonegan in the GOP primary b/c of things like this coming from Christie:

“It’s a bad plan at the wrong time,” Christie said of Lonegan’s proposal, while promising tax cuts every year in office. He said he would detail tax plans once in office, when he would be able to better assess state finances.

From that same article, here are Lonegan’s ideas:

Lonegan has proposed scrapping the state’s progressive income-tax structure and replacing it with a flat, 2.9 percent levy similar to but lower than Pennsylvania’s. He also would eliminate corporate taxes. He said his plan would provide a tax cut to most residents.

The flat tax thing is a big, big deal with me, enough to overcome immaturity like this on Lonegan’s part in the past:

I’m not running campaigns any more, but knowing the power of the attack ads that are sure to come, I think Lonegan is the candidate who would be easiest to target. This is a man who once held a press conference mocking state affirmative action policies, and scheduled it on the holiday we use to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. If that wasn’t enough of a poke in the eye, his press conference was staged on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, in downtown Newark.

And yes, while the flat tax Lonegan proposes will reduce annually, from 2.9% initially to 2.5% to 2.1%, it may be that 70% of NJ taxpayers will be paying more initially when it is enacted.

I’m not worried about these things, for this reason – NJ is in awful shape economically and financially. Job growth in New Jersey is some kind of sick joke; the only thing hiring recently has been the government, and that means the state gets into deeper and deeper debt. That creates a vicious cycle whereby the climate becomes even more business/entrepreneur unfriendly.

Either way, everyone in NJ is going to have to pay given the condition we’re in. Might as well have real reform – not just a few budget cuts – while we’re paying that price.

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