Links, 6/13/09

  • The Golden Age of Conspiracy (h/t – too long, attempts to cover too much, but lots of good information. Fta: A 2006 poll by the Pew Research Centre asked Muslims in Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Pakistan whether Arab terrorists carried out the September 11 attacks. A majority in all countries — and a huge majority in Pakistan — replied that they did not. More than half of British Muslims (56 per cent) agreed that the hijackers were innocent stooges of a devilish plot, and one-quarter went on to say that “the British government was involved in some way” with the 7/7 atrocities on the London Transport system. More than 100 million people have watched Loose Change, a slick and mendacious documentary which opines that a missile, not an airliner, hit the Pentagon, and that a secret government agency faked the recordings of panicked calls from the doomed passengers.
  • More on how conspiracy theories are affecting us: Weekly Standard may have been shooter target
  • Jay Cost talks about which actors matter most in passing sweeping legislation
  • Gracchi has a discussion of one of my previous blogposts, do give him a visit


  1. I like the post from Gracchi, but I do hope that blogs like this one are not ever seen purely as ‘work.’ Let’s not forget that “school” comes from the Greek “schole:” “leisure.” Learning should be seen as something both good AND pleasant.

    Ashok — I remember running across something on here about how your professors looked younger than most adults their age; I think that is what I am getting at.

  2. On The Golden Age of Conspiracy : I have read many online polls of late, the results all lean rather or I should say very conservative…. and the main streem media refuses to report that most do not agree with Obamanomics, the constant shove down on Sarah Palin, and the handeling of the war on TERROR! So I guess we are all supposed to swallow the report that the news have been able to convince the Muslim populations that Arab/Muslim populations no longer believe Arab/Muslim extremeists had anything to do with 9/11. Amedenejhad would love that, he wants to re-write the holocaust…..Know your history or be doomed to repeat it!

    As far as “which actors matter most in passing sweeping legislation”… On health care reform, I believe millions of Americans are really starting to evaluate what we have against the devil we don’t know yet. Canada and the UK have been pleading to us to look before we leap..and ya know a funny thing has started hapening.

    We are finding out it might be cheaper and more effecient to pay for 47 million who do not have health insurance, than to pay for all 300 million of us and tie beauracratic red tape around an emergency appendicitis!

    Go figure!

    And for my last two cents: On the matter of stupid blogs….It is high time you stopped comparing yourself or your blog to ones that do not make sense, and looked at it in a whole new light. You might be bringing the standard up!

    So try to stay away from the deep pit of complaining about what they do, just stick to doing,,, and do that voodoo that you do so well!

    Be the standard barer!

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