Yeah, I’m Busy…

…I owe a few of you e-mails, some of you phone calls, and yes, this blog does need an update, I realize.

I just finished a very short but dense chapter on Pericles and Socrates for the dissertation, and there’s a few more to go before this thing even gets edited.

If I can take a break, expect entries on: Plutarch’s “Life of Caesar,” the Nervii and the problem of religion and republicanism, Emily Dickinson poems 513 & 515, Heidegger’s “What is Metaphysics,” and what I’m hoping to get to you soon, John Updike’s “The Alligators” – regarding that last one, is there a copy of that short story online anywhere? I’d really like everyone to read that before reading the entry I’ll post on it, although I’m summarizing for content and key details, as always.

Alright. Back to work.

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