To Dallas: Out April 29th – May 9th

I’m going to Dallas in a few hours – no, it is not to defend. I have some research to do there, actually: writing the dissertation draft made me realize there is literature my own school has produced that I’d better make myself familiar with before I defend.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any more blog entries up between now and the 9th. I’m not registered for courses so I don’t have access to the computer labs, although the library will have awful computers I can wait around to use each day. You can send e-mails or post comments, I’ll read them, but I won’t be on every hour or so, that’s for sure.

If you want to do me a favor while I’m gone, those of you with Stumbleupon can feel free to stumble whatever you like (much of this blog has already been recommended), and building links to this blog is something I really need to work on when I get back. It would be wonderful to have even more traffic than I have now the days I’m gone, but I know I’m dreaming when I bring that up. Still – thank you all for contributing, promoting, and reading, and I should have something nice to say when I get back.


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