Links, 4/10/09

Yeah, lots to do still. But a few things I’ve looked at that you might want to check out:

  • Regarding Alexander Hamilton – yes, he read Plutarch. He also said his experiences in business were the most “useful” part of his education.
  • On Freelancing/Self-Employment – the main issue I’m having with the concept is how it is arising because things are too bureaucratized to be flexible or pay well in the least. It would be wonderful if we could be entrepreneurs less “in spite of” something, and more because our system encouraged and was happy to see people succeed for themselves.
  • Charles Krauthammer – um, what country does Obama represent again?
  • Twitter and campaign fundraising: I’m skeptical of the skeptics. Twitter is the web in miniature, talking in real-time. It isn’t just a tool, which is why it is so consuming – used right, it can really be all that, especially with all the hype surrounding emerging Twitterers, not just prominent.

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