Just finished a dissertation draft…

…and I don’t know what I want to write on, but I’m pretty sure about what I don’t want to write on.

I’m going to head out to the bookstore in a bit, journal in hand. I had things I wanted to write about this month, but I haven’t been thinking about them in a while. I need to get something lighter and different up, I think.

Yes, I take requests. If there’s something you want more closely looked at or if you want my opinion on a particular thing, let me know.


  1. I dunno what you would make of this, but I’ve always thought a sort of fun (and inherently important) idea to play around with is what it means that the phrase “all men are created equal” went from being called a “self-evident truth” (Tommy J) to a “proposition” (Abe) to a “creed” (MLK). I try to find out what people think of this not only because I find it interesting but also because I like to hear what Americans of all different types say about it. Just a thought…

  2. How about something strange like “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock?” If you think it’s overdone, pull out just a few lines…

    Have you ever looked at the political themes behind many nursery rhymes?

    …Robin Hood? …maybe a few etymologies?…more song lyrics?

    You’ve already got a great mix on here–that’s why I keep coming back! ; )

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