Stupid Things Conservatives Say, Pt. 1

I can’t believe people would visit here, become aware of what I do, and then fire off an e-mail telling me that education isn’t necessary because – I kid you not – George Washington and Joe the Plumber represent the same sort of person in public life. Also, a classical education isn’t necessary because the same academy which teaches classics also teaches feminism.

You probably can guess how violent my first reaction was. I wrote something pretty bullying in response, but nowhere near as nasty as I wanted to make it.

I’m gonna have to learn to control my temper, this sort of crap is only going to get worse as this blog finds readers. But I don’t know that I really should have to control my temper over idiocy like this in a just world.


  1. Let your temper out Ashok. There’s no excuse for ignorance from anyone. The problem with many Conservatives, as with Liberals, is that they jump to conclusions. Don’t let them presume to tell you what you think.

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