Some of you asked about the dissertation…

…the Memorabilia is 4 books, and I’m writing a commentary on it. The commentary on Book 1 is done, and most of Book 2 is finished. I’m writing on Book 2 right now, actually.

There are already a few problems: there are a few metaphors I’m wildly speculative about, and I’m not sure how to rein them in, because they make the argument interesting and readable. Otherwise this thing is boring. Also, the commentaries on the opening chapters are thorough – sometimes pretty much being line-by-line reads – but I’m not sure, when I reread them, that they read well at all. I need another reader to tell me “fix this.”

Alright, back to work. Interruptions are welcome: for once, the pace is good, I actually feel like I’m on a roll.

Oh, the other thing that’s bugging me: a lack of secondary sources. I am going to have to append a litertaure review or annotated bibliography. If people have links to guides that tell me how to format or produce a really nice one of those, I’m all ears. Making this a useful piece of scholarship is a goal.

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