Links, 3/30/09

First three links, h/t; fourth link is from LGF:

  • Parisians aren’t rude, but “impossibly polite:” fta – When my son was learning to write, his school report gave him marks for whether his boucles, or loops, of his joined-up letters respected to the millimetre the inter-line boundaries printed on the page. At the same time, he would bring back English exercise books filled with a chaotic caterpillar of mismatched letters. Why didn’t he use his neat handwriting in those books too, I asked him? He looked perplexed: “But that’s not how you write in English!”
  • On Writing Well: his prose has an efficiency and clarity of which I’m envious, but his development as a teacher is what makes this article shine.
  • Freeman Dyson: fta – Whether the topic is government work, string theory or climate change, Dyson seems opposed to science making enormous gestures. The physicist Douglas Eardley, who works with Dyson at Jason, says: “He’s always against the big monolithic projects, the Battlestar Galacticas. He prefers spunky little Mars rovers.”
  • Michael Totten, “Baghdad in Fragments:” fta – Even if security were up to regional standards – and make no mistake, it is not – Baghdad still isn’t a place where most people would want to go on vacation. Its historic sites are a mess.

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