Links, 3/26/09

I know, I know. I have work to do, I’m behind. Still, real fast:

  • Brad DeLong presents the Geithner Plan FAQ. (h/t It’s actually pretty clear, a few of you have voiced concerns about how this would fail: “What if businesses don’t need the credit to expand right now anyway?” I haven’t really found anything I trust making that argument, although Jason Zola did point me in the direction of one Richard Koo, who has a book (“The Holy Grail of Macroeconomics”) blurbed by Larry Summers arguing that’s what did the Japanese in.
  • This is from a while ago, and may not be true, but seriously: if only directed at the poor, the poor have every right to conduct a revolution in whatever manner they see fit. If directed at everyone in society, the government should be shown the door promptly. If you can’t feed people properly, that violates the right of every single individual for self-preservation. Of course a gov’t can’t feed everyone, but this is a different issue, and yeah, India has money to buy food, and decent food at that.
  • Scientists are increasingly coerced by prosecution teams to ignore their own professional opinion and just stick to the job of getting people thrown in jail. Take a look at Radley Balko’s other dispatches – it looks like investigative journalism the way it ought to be, and it is thankless work I’m sure.

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