Links, 3/16/2009

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  1. Wow! The comments for the Atlantic piece are more frightening than John Stewart’s allusions to real journalism. That people are angry, not that he called out Mr. Stewart over Mr. Kramer, but that he called Mr. Stewart at all is mind numbingly moronic.

    I love the claim by one commenter that Stewart is somehow more contextual and balanced than the major network news.

    Most of these commenters, need to do a better job of critical reading. The argument here is that Mr. Stewart can’t just string together clips, without good context, to make a point, and then when called on it, say “I’m not a journalist, I’m just an entertainer” to somehow justify intentionally misleading his audience. That is, after all, what he accuses Mr. Kramer of.

    Have we really sunk this low as a polis, that John Stewart is defended as the reincarnation of Edward R. Murrow?

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