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If I showed you the subscription numbers for this blog, you would break into open laughter. Hint: there are 20 people subscribed via Google Reader, and I know I’m one of them.

For 3 years of blogging, I should be somewhere around the 200 subscription mark by now, and instead I’m way, way less than a 100.

So if you wish, please do subscribe (given what I get paid for this, I probably should find a way of making subscribing mandatory), and if you have friends that are looking for something new to read, try to persuade them to subscribe. There’s a “get Rethink delivered to e-mail” option in the FAQ’s for those who don’t use feed readers.

Btw: an entry from a while ago, arguing that using a feed reader puts those of us who are bloggers on a more level playing field with mainstream media – An Introduction to Really Simple Syndication

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  1. I’m happy to have been one of those 20 for quite a while and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog (although i clearly don’t comment often enough).

    But I don’t think you should measure your viewership on RSS subscriptions, simply because, it seems RSS has missed its moment.
    When I started using RSS (Bloglines and then Google Reader), I thought it was the future of the internet, and it has completely changed the way I interface with the ‘net, but in all these years it has remained out of the mainstream (even Twitter is better known now) despite its extreme functionality.

    Rebadged, retooled and reimagined RSS might once again have its chance in the sun, but right now its not the way the masses are getting their info.

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