Thought I’d write a quick something to let all of you know I’m in a mode of reading the dissertation text, writing a little bit, then coming online to see political news pretty much.

This is a crucial time for those of us in the minority party: we have to figure out a way to reach voters, and as I’ve said, I’d like the GOP to try and educate its voter base a bit more, not just say “anyone can be a Republican” and leave it at that.

In terms of this blog, this is a very crucial month. Usually the timeline for a blog to take off is 6 months to a year, this is month 7 of this blog being hosted at ashokkarra.com. I don’t know that it is going to take off: the truth is, this blog’s archives come from two others that failed. One I quit at month 6 or 7, the other almost got deleted by the host as spam. Traffic is exceptionally good right now – 12,000 for December, 12,000 in January, but I’d like to see that number be 12,000 a day quite honestly. Despite having 300-400 people visit a day, there aren’t many people linking back: most of the links you’ll see on Technorati or on Google Blog Search are from comments I’ve left at other sites. If you guys have promotion ideas, I’m all ears: a blog’s content gets weighted less as time flies, and this blog depends on people searching and linking back to the archives.

Alright, back to work. Thank you all for visiting – there should be entries on the Phaedo, Seth Benardete on Leo Strauss, Keats and of course Dickinson within the next month, if I can get more dissertation done.


  1. You need a gimmick dude. I suggest that you start telling people you’ve been running this site blind, dictating to a secretary what you want posted while getting haircuts, sort of like Teddy Roosevelt did…minus the blind part

  2. Ashok, thanks for the advice on my political blog tips blog. Your were spot on. I understand how difficult it can be to build an online community, but I have some ideas that you could try that are not too difficult and would increase links and traffic.

    The best part is, community would increase as well. By this, I mean visitors that come back, comment and participate with one another.

    The ideas would really not require much, but would increase participation a lot. Email or comment at http://www.politicalblogtips.com if you are interested in the different methods. I would love to help make your 7 month amazing!

  3. Ashok,

    Your comments on my blog were spot on. So much that I decided to come over here and learn more about you and your blog.

    That is the power of comments I guess…

    I have a few great ideas (I thought so) about how to have a great 7th month. I’ll email you some of them.

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