Two Links on the Stimulus that is now Law, 2/26/09

I don’t want to spend too much time on this, but the amount of misinformation I’m encountering on US gov’t spending is reaching ridiculous proportions. The two articles on the now-old-news stimulus I particularly like are:

Now I’m not saying everyone has to agree with the slant of both these articles. But I am saying it is better to read these and have some familiarity with what exactly happened in Congress as opposed to making up arguments for whether government spending is good or bad in general, and not knowing anything about the actual spending then.

Some of you are aware that plans for even more money to be spent are in the works: health care is now a priority: apparently spending all the cash we had on hand wasn’t enough. The President’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year is $3.55 trillion.

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  1. The type of flailing about that is happening with the bailouts and stimulus plans is what you get when people do not understand the problem.

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