Links, 2/12/2009

Dissertation is coming along. I was tempted to put up excerpts last night. Anyway, some long overdue links to friends:

  • Drowning in Vitriol’s post “Parachute Colors” contains some excellent observations about people who chronically attack religion: how come they’re the first ones to spout the most nonsensical thing about aliens and Zen Buddhism you’ve ever heard?
  • Ario’s poem “Sweet Nothings” speaks for itself. It is just straight-up awesome.
  • Jennifer’s back to blogging – go check out coriandersea and her Emily Dickinson project, “Syllables of Velvet”
  • Lori, aka bluerose, has been quiet lately. If you can, do go check out her blog, particularly her entries “Journaling” & “Missing 2,” the latter of which needs absolutely no comment. If you can, do say hi to her in the comments – I know she’d appreciate it.

I know there’s a ton of you I need to link to and send thanks or even just say hi to. Make my job easier please, and bug me. All of you who’ve been commenting, thank you. It’s a joy to get online and see that this site is active.


  1. Thanks for the kind words about the poem, good sir. Coming from you that means a lot.

    Good to hear the dissertation is coming along. Do put some excerpts on if you feel like it. It would be more than interesting to read some of it. Have a good weekend!

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