It’s getting done.

Things are moving faster now – an important section of the dissertation is “complete.” I say that because while I don’t think it reads well at all, I’m writing more as we speak and that section is most certainly the antecedent of every idea in this newest section.

The feeling that distracts me the most: I don’t want to go back to Dallas like this. I want to see everyone I care for there, sure. I want to get this dissertation defended, of course. Choir? Love it.

But it would be way nicer if I could go to Dallas with something to give, more than something to merely get done.


  1. You ask many questions as I read down through your posts. You’ve stopped me several times with an Ah-Ha! as I gave each some thought. I applaud the question in your “About Ashok” paragraph: Why not try to see…

    You last statement in this post tells me I’ll like coming back. Also your answer in FAQ #2. :) How wise…

    You can tell I’ve been here a while. I wish you success and completion of your dissertation. Just tell us when we should start calling you Dr. Ashok… :)

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