Remarks delivered at the University of Dallas Due Santi Campus, 1/4/09

for Marilyn Walker and the Collegium Cantorum

The University of Dallas isn’t really a place, but a spirit. Some want to say the spirit is that of critical inquiry, or that it stems from a vision of the one true Church. The truth might be simpler than that: it could be just wanting to share, trying to encourage the conditions where people can be confident, realize their potential, and bring others together.

It is “sharing” – the attempt to bring others together – that probably defines UD best, and all of us are familiar with Marilyn’s generosity and how deep it runs.

Which brings us to Collegium.  All of us are ambassadors for the school, and I don’t mean that in a “Collegium is better than everyone else” way. It is rather the simply obseved fact that I have seen all of you behave with dignity, work very hard to sing well, and make sure no one feels alone or left out. It is seemingly strange that “collegial” is a word so close to our very name, but it is fully in accord with UD’s spirit. We go through old books and all sorts of other difficult subjects in order to share with others what is priceless, at any given moment. A fundamentalist friend of mine once asked why we need any sort of art if we have Scripture. He was told that perhaps the Gospels are so short because God spent most of His time on Earth listening, appreciating the fruits of Creation.

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