Open thread for those sick of Inauguration Day before it’s even begun

Post whatever you like (within reason) in the comments. What’s directly below is just what’s on my mind.

Re: conservative media. There’s plenty of it, and plenty of alternative media generally.

The issue I’m not seeing addressed by any activists – and what’s strange is back when I was watching the Left regroup, I didn’t see them talk about this much either – is getting different people to actually pay attention to that media.

Over the years, I’ve subscribed to National Review, First Things, Reason Magazine, and my Mom actually started reading portions of those publications. I have no doubt it influenced how she frames issues both in conversation and at the voting booth.

Hmm. How much would it cost to get good percentage of registered voters a subscription to National Review and Reason? Like, at least 10 million people?


  1. I understand about being sick of the procedure.
    Its for me like a really awesome movie and I want to see the ending but I’m so damn tired!
    I just want to go to bed wake up and feel refreshed with a new day to enjoy! :)
    But I’m watching it as I’d just kick my self if I didn’t watch history in the making!

  2. I for one was riveted to the ceremony….and it brought all of the emotion for the time of being age 2to age 10 to today.

    It was moving.

    However as much as I agree with an overhaul of our nation’s infrastructure, (and you need only be an American citizen for a short time to know it is desperately needed) we must encourage the study of conservatism.

    According to all President Obama stated today, he gets it.

    We shall see in action, and I pray for him.

  3. Tamara – There wasn’t a dry eye here!
    Absolutely amazing. What a great day to have been fortunate enough to live in.
    I agree totally – President Obama, ‘gets it’. and he is going to do everything in his power to clean up the dirty house we all live in, so our children wont have to worry.
    There are things he and ‘we’ want and that he may not be able to do, as being president he does have Congress to deal with. but we can hold out hope that he is strong enough to turn most of the problems we face around!

  4. I just skimmed over the text of Obama’s Inaugural Speech – it is remarkably centrist, and given where it stands on foreign policy, “neo-con.” Except for the energy and global warming stuff, the policies are effectively that of the Bush administration.

    I’m open to correction here: I’ll probably write something on the speech later this week.

  5. @ ManfredEye – Thank you for the comments! I’m kinda staying quiet hoping someone else will join in, but trust me, I’m really grateful you’re here.

  6. I read the inaugural speech at work just a little while ago. I was quite surprised, actually. Maybe I shouldn’t be. Arguing that it wasn’t centrist doesn’t make sense to me. I think it was very very intentionally so.

    There’s one comment he made, I don’t have it in front of me, and don’t feel like looking it up again, but it was something to the effect: the issue isn’t whether the government is too big or too small, but whether it’s working and bring in what works, get rid of what doesn’t, yadayada. Actually, that’s one of the things he said that stuck out the most in my mind and it was definitely meant in- for lack of a better word- a reconciliatory manner. Which is centrist.

    Everything he said was very reasonable and down to earth and I was surprised.

    I am, however, sick of seeing “rate Michelle’s dress” “black churches throw parties” nonsense articles EVERYWHERE, but I was sort of eagerly anticipating the actual day.

    Maybe somewhat like Manfred said, waiting for it to have happened.

  7. @ Amanda – I think it’s a bit more than looking to be post-partisan or conciliatory.

    I think he’s realized that Presidential power is primarily that over war, and the rhetoric about dictators and terrorists is striking because it doesn’t rule out intervention.

    This is a guy who campaigned on trying to get the troops out of Iraq faster than was humanly possible, literally.

  8. I love the procedure of an inauguration. It’s so American that we can have a power switch with only the saying of a few words. It’s the hypocrisy I don’t like. 4 years ago, Bush was blasted for what he spent on his inauguration, but the same people today don’t have a problem with the $150 million price tag of today’s.

  9. Well I listened to the speech on the Radio of my truck. It was OK and kind of Centrist Except for the Green Stuff.. It was predictable. The only thing that stands out is the Racist tone of the Feller that did the benediction.

  10. @ David: That dude who gave the benediction was an idiot. Why on earth he couldn’t have given a simple prayer and not tried to take the spotlight, *sigh*.

  11. I couldn’t say what I expected, but what i read was absolutely not it. What was that other something he said- something about not apologizing for being Americans and essentially hunting down terrorists. Did sound quite like a Bush speech…
    You’re right, it is very funny after all the talk of bringing the troops home.

  12. I was in my car at lunchtime when I heard Mr. Racist Pastor’s prayer. Later I read that Obama was smiling as he listened to it. What to make of that? Did the smile indicate approval? But the ugliest image came from Rahm Emmanuel’s five fingered salute to–hmm, just who was he saluting today?

    All right, I surmise that Obama is aware of how the conservative elements of the U.S. might be viewing his presidency with loathing and some degree of fear (wow, did that stock market fall fast today!) so he tried to lull them to sleep with an inane, forgettable speech.

    Words don’t really count that much. The truth of his agenda is in his choice of Cabinet members, his choice of friends, and his proposed legislation/the Pelosi/Reid laws he approves in the next four years.

    God have mercy on us all.

  13. One thing I’m particularly sick of is how many people are making dreamy-eyed remarks that Obama’s inauguration is the culmination of Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream just because he’s black. Isn’t this the guy who talked about judging *not* by the color of one’s skin, but by the content of one’s character? I bet MLK himself wouldn’t even have voted for a guy as hardcore pro-abortion as Obama.

  14. Christine to assume someones vote is a huge responsibility. Nobody knows what MLK would or couldn’t vote for, that is his alone to know.
    I agree with the dreamy-eyed remarks. He is just a Man with a plan, and as of date looks like he is getting right down and gritty with it.
    Nobody including Obama can not look at the color/race. We would all be idiots to think that is why he is our new President.
    I personally believe that he came along with the character and belief that we can have our pride and freedom back with hard work and patience, he happens to have two different race colors in his blood. I feel that if all his qualities we within a woman, white man, Asian,etc, we still would have voted that person to fix our broken country.
    As far as abortion, I personally feel that abortion should be legal, BUT I can not tolerate the many women that use it as a form of birth control. The amount (I don’t have that stat at hand) but its too high of women choosing abortion tells me that is what is happening, women AND men have got to get their acts together and finally GET the facts of life, and not just play at it.
    I feel that it should be more difficult to obtain an abortion to better detour the ones abusing it, in turn abusing the rights of an unborn human being.
    We all need to start taking responsibility for our actions and start making a world we can live in and be proud of.

  15. To Manfred,

    “Nobody knows what MLK would or couldn’t vote for”
    Fair enough. You’ll note that I did not make an assertion, but only a guess based on the fact that I find it hard to imagine that a preacher of his time would have found unrestricted abortion acceptable. For what it’s worth, we also know that his niece is a pro-life activist:
    I realize that she cannot speak for him absolutely either, but at the very least, surely the late Dr. King’s widely assumed approval of President Obama is dubitable at best, no?

    I hesitate to respond to the second part of your reply, as I don’t know that I want to risk getting deep into an abortion debate today, but I have to say that I find your position perplexing. Based on what you’ve said, I take it that you take the “safe, legal, and rare” approach to the issue? It’s the “rare” part of it that I cannot understand.
    It seems to me there are only two possibilities – either the fetus is merely a clump of cells (i.e., sans personhood), or it is a human being, possessing the same degree of dignity and protection of legal rights that a human being would be after birth.
    If the former is true, then why worry about making abortion rare, or feel uncomfortable about its morality at all? Why *should* it be seen as morally different from any other form of birth control?
    If, however, the latter is true, then why should the pre-meditated killing of an unborn baby be any more permissible than the killing of a born child?

    If abortion really “abuses the rights of an unborn human being”, then why should it be legal? Indeed, why should it not be seen as the major civil rights issue of our day?

  16. I agree my dear, I should not have mention the ‘A’ word, too much to say off topic. :)
    I will say that responsibility is in the hands of the two involved and shouldn’t take ‘the act’ lightly.
    As far as MLK and his vote, sometime strong people of convictions can see a bigger picture beyond a personal belief. The words he spoke of that day if he had lived to see the world as it is today, might be different. We don’t know what is and what would be.

  17. Now that that his big day has come and gone……and I gave him the benefit of the doubt…for a day….I cut off all further benefit….Washington is a joke…the presidency has become a joke….our senate and house are jokes, and are full of fools.

    Dishonesty is triumphant. Lies are supreme.

    Does anyone here believe it will only take 30 billion to correct the infrastructure of the electric grid, the roadways and bridges as well as our communication grid.

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