Links, 1/19/09

  • An Interview with Kay Ryan (h/t Ario) – some absolute gems in here: When I started writing nobody rhymed—it was in utter disrepute. Yet rhyme was a siren to me. I had this condition of things rhyming in my mind without my permission. Still I couldn’t take end-rhyme seriously, which meant I had to find other ways—I stashed my rhymes at the wrong ends of lines and in the middles—the front of one word would rhyme with the back of another one, or one word might be identical to three words…
  • It’s about robots and guns – you know you want to read this (h/t (Remember that Simpsons episode, where the general gave the speech about the wars of the future, which would be fought in space by robots with lasers, and it would be our job to maintain the lasers? If you can find a clip of that, post it in the comments please.)
  • DC is going to be prosperous no matter what. Is this fair to the rest of us?

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