Links, 1/12/2009

  • Whatever happened to Mendelssohn? (h/t – the author starts making some dubious claims in order to answer the question, i.e. “And then there is the intensity of his love for Fanny [his own sister], too close for comfort and evidently repressed. Often in Mendelssohn we hear elegance when the music suggests something more.” It’s almost like, if you’re into classical music or academics, it’s your job to report stupid smutty things on cue – isn’t an easier explanation that when there are a total of 15 people who like classical music on the planet, some composers who are very good are going to get neglected?
  • How to silence conservative media: don’t credit them when they break stories, just lie as if you did it.
  • Maria Van Daalen’s “Passion” (h/t Ario) is an excellent introduction to the theme of slavish sensuality making everything else higher subordinate to it. Notice how the notions of God and the intellect seem to be buried in the egotism of the speaker, her literal drunkenness. I might write on this later, not sure yet.
  • I really don’t understand why anyone in the MLA has a job. I mean, seriously: these losers get paid? (h/t

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