Links, 12/3/08

Stressed. No reason.

  • Ario has posted some amazing stuff recently, but his description of a recent snowfall and the attendant crows is most prominent in my mind: The city is snowed under. Crows perch on the glazed branches. Like inkblots on wrinkling paper they drip sideways and into the space ahead. Between the tenement blocks in South cars and cyclists inch forwards along the cobbled streets. Tram tracks have scarred the bends: the disuse of relayed destinations. Another blot trickles out of view.
  • I’m reading Harry Jaffa’s lecture on Macbeth here and there. He covers some passages that I missed pretty well.
  • Gracchi has been kind enough to link to me, and I’m very grateful – if you want to get into the “are we dumb?” issue, his blog is the place to have that discussion, and I think it can be a very lively and interesting one.

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