Links, 12/10/08

  • Oh, to be in England – h/t to Josh and for these: “Toxic Wives” apparently are a serious problem amongst seriously rich people (I personally doubt this article is real); also, once upon a time, apparently, the British showed remarkable restraint but now are a bunch of whiny babies. It seems to be conservative porn to rip on England, and I mainly recommend the latter article because there is an all-too-brief discussion of Herodotus and Xenophon by purported “gentlemen.”
  • More from – this examination of what Judge Judy and her ilk are doing to our perception of the law is spot-on.
  • Yet more from aldaily – many colleges are cutting costs. I should say this – I’ve been to two schools now, undergrad and graduate school, where I had nothing like what’s described here. I was very grateful for the cafeteria in graduate school, but I still lost weight on campus many times, and all the campuses I’ve been can be charitably described as “dumps.” My own thought is that college should pamper; the grounds should be beautiful, the buildings stately, the libraries well-stocked, food plentiful, recreation centers ready. It should resemble an idealized world for the reason that learning is seriously hard work when you get to it. The main issue now is that rank materialism has replaced the notion of learning being something higher. For more, you can see the comment I left on Rutgers1000’s website.
  • Apologies to many of you for not updating, not being in touch better. I am working on something, it’s hard, I’m stressed.

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