A Note of Thanks, and a Request

Jennifer [that link may not work well] has been a huge help to me and this blog – it’s because of her that the template you’re seeing now was found; she helped me figure out how FTP worked, what service to go with, and how not to be scared of all the wordy technical things that all of a sudden show up and seem threatening when you’re running your own blog.

Before that, she was one of the few people who consistently linked to my writing and she always had – and still has – many decent, thoughtful things to say. So I definitely want to give as many thanks as I can here, and I strongly encourage you to check out her flickr – her photography only gets better each passing moment – and her Etsy. If you know anyone that might be interested in her work, please feel free to spread the word, and please do leave her feedback if you find her work interesting.

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