I want to post on the election, and I have no idea why. Yesterday I spent a good bit of time thinking about how all the entries written about the election are now a waste, consigned to the dustheap.

No one – not even me – cares what I thought about Joe Biden some weeks ago. But the poems I’ve written on I’m still mulling over.

So why am I tempted to write something about the news now?

From Waugh’s “Decline and Fall,” for your consideration: “…one of the first discoveries of his [Pennyfeather’s] captivity was that interest in ‘news’ does not spring from genuine curiosity, but from the desire for completeness. During his long years of freedom he had scarcely allowed a day to pass without reading fairly full from at least two newspapers, always pressing on with a series of events which never came to an end. Once the series was broken, he had little desire to resume it[.]”

Before you take that passage as gospel, Josh has noted rightly that Pennyfeather, the person making the observation, is a very problematic narrator.

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