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Tagging in Progress

Some of you have noticed that I’m streamlining and updating tags all throughout the blog. This is not an easy process: 200 tags were eliminated, with still more cuts to come, but a few are being added.

Moreover, out of 44 pages of entries, only 8 or 9 have been tagged to my satisfaction, and there are mistakes.

It’s gonna take some time for this to work out, but if you see a post that you know is badly tagged, let me know so I can work on it. I’d rather skip around a bit than reread nearly every entry in backwards sequence.


  1. Ashok,

    You have infinitely more patience than I.

    But after all this time blogging you don’t have an intern over there to help out. :)


  2. Are you on Technorati? You should get the Technorati tags plugin, so each of your posts will be automatically posted to Technorati under whatever tags you enter.

    ~ Kristi

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