Setting a Reasonable Traffic Goal

I thought once that if I were getting 10,000 visitors a month, I’d not only be doing well, but I wouldn’t have to promote as much.

Well, I had 11,000 unique visits in September and a little over 10,000 in October, and I’m not satisfied. It isn’t greed that’s driving me: the issue is that very little of the traffic links back or shares the content (that “very little,” quite obviously, I am enormously grateful to). It isn’t clear that this blog’s audience is going to grow without a lot more effort.

So right now, when it comes to blog promotion, I’m in a quandry. I don’t want to do risky things and lose the traffic I have now: I’m not changing the permalink URL’s since quite a few of them are all over the Internet, and I’m scared of playing around with 301 redirects and rewriting post slugs properly and all that. I am rewriting a few title tags, though. (I’ve been thoroughly convinced of the truth of Stephan Spencer’s “Twelve SEO Mistakes Bloggers Make.”)

I wish I could implement some other strategies, though. I really want to work on retagging all the old posts properly and creating “tag” pages. For some strange reason, I can’t get “tags” to show up in posts, maybe I’m missing something obvious. Moreover, I want to advertise the content better generally – if you look at the “Key Posts” page, you’ll see that it has changed and is perhaps the most user-friendly thing on this blog.

Suggestions and thoughts are welcome. Right now the traffic goal is “as much as possible for me not to have to promote myself all the time.”


  1. wah, only 10,000 people a month visit my blog.

    try 20 people! hell…my blogs more fun to read and everything. pfft…

    well i’m gonna go write a post about something that no one will read ::tear:: at least i’m awesome at tagging

  2. I haven’t checked my traffic in around six months. I had been checking every day. Not healthy. Now I’m just doing my thing. I blog for me. On the other hand, I do my best for SEO friendly post-naming, plus regular visits to other bloggers.

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