Links, 11/19/08

Just a few links – still reading lots of Xenophon, still concerned about how this section is going to get written. I’m at a loss for words right now.

  • Love in the Time of Darwinism – agree with most of this, but the author does say at one point that maybe dating isn’t hell. She’s got no clue just how hurt many of us are, despite her frequent mentions of the word “anger.” The article is at its best when it documents confusion, as opposed to trying to assign blame to males or females.
  • Spreading this link can result in severe harassment – I’ve already been insulted in a threatening manner by a person on a site for sharing it. In case you’re curious about this issue, which I think is entirely independent of one’s views on Proposition 8 at this point, there’s an even more right-wing article – if you can stomach it – documenting the anti-8 crowd’s behavior incident-by-incident. Obviously, I am interested in balance, the issue for me is the climate of violence: if you find anything that smacks of discrimination against gays (besides 8 itself), let me know.
  • George Will, against the automaker bailout: you may need to use bugmenot to access this. If you’re from the Washington Post and reading this, I can safely tell you I don’t read your crummy paper because it is behind that registration wall. This is a rare exception.


  1. Um…ok…are you serious? Did you just link to Michelle Malkin? Oh man, am I losing respect for you. That woman is a psychotic bitch to put it nicely. A woman who graduated from Oberlin College and who came back years later to call us all assholes and racists.

    As for that other dude, umm everyone protests? That’s generally what people do when they feel their rights have been stripped from them. It’s also comforting for these people to see how many came out to nationally protest and to prove that, in the future, the GLBTQ community will continue to fight. And as much as prop 8 passed by the popular vote, the campaign against it was mega shady. What certain churches don’t seem to get is that these people want equal rights in the eyes of the government. They aren’t trying to be recognized as married under the eyes of god but under the eyes of the government, and receiving the benefits that any married couple receives. It’s not like churches have to recognize such things and it just shouldn’t affect them.

  2. @ sarah –

    “In order to make a better case for gay marriage, advocates of expanding the definition of this ancient institution need make clear that they are indeed promoting a change. They can’t hang on the rights argument, particularly in a state like California which grants the same privileges to same-sex couples as it does to different-sex married couples, but just calls them by a different name.

    Right now, in the Golden State at least (but perhaps nationally given this past weekend’s rallies), all the hullabaloo is over that name.”

    – Gay Patriot, “Difference on Gender and Marriage”

    If you read the Malkin entry, all she does is link to gay activists – I kid you not – taking a cross from an elderly woman and throwing it into the dirt. Various acts of vandalism and violence against non-violent Christians are documented there too, and she links out to other sources.

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