“Doing” Something for the Republican Party Instead of Whining has yielded this Extended Whine

As some of you know, I’m toying with the idea of starting another blog, one where I and some team members look for Republican candidates across the nation, profile them, maybe interview them, and then link readers to their site so they can show some support.

I, of course (*clears throat, puffs out chest*), think the educative part of this process is the exciting thing – what it would do is inject a direct political element into the news. If done right, for example, when the topic of off-shore drilling comes up, readers of this proposed blog would be more apt to know the pertinent national players involved from knowing more about the Congressmen whose districts this impacted. They could then start constructing for themselves the story of which national/state/local politician or bureaucrat had a particular interest, and exert more control over the news cycle, instead of being carried away by events.

The problem with this, besides the practical problem of “hey, I already run a blog,” is that this could be the most boring blog ever created. I have to give the Founders credit – they did a really good job of creating a system where very ambitious people would get all proud of themselves because they could get a bill out of committee only to see it die in a floor vote, or think that they were revolutionizing government because they wrote a whole new bunch of procedures for inter-office memoranda.

And anyway, if I’m going to spend time educating about “this politician stands for such-and-such, see this voters’ guide,” stuff you can learn on your own, am I not totally wasting my time? There are more important things to think about and debate: they haven’t been debated for centuries because people were dumb and wanted to kill time before they died. They were debated because even a fraction of an insight changes a lot.

I’m still toying with the idea. I kinda wish someone else would take the lead and be openly partisan, and if it is being done already, tell me, I’ll link to whomever’s doing that in my blogroll. I’d rather be writing about Emily Dickinson and advancing something more non-partisan always. It is my job to help people make their best arguments regardless of what I think of those arguments [btw, no one has quite gotten the joke about this definition yet]. I’ve said I’d like to help create more thoughtful liberals, but the ones who are partial to that project are reading this now, and have taught me tons already and will teach me much more.

Btw, while we’re at this: Do you consider conservative blogging, on the whole, successful? I’m thinking it has done a marvelous job of creating an echo chamber, and I’m not sure how that happened.

And yes, I know the tone of this is elitist. I hope someone will ask why it is the non-partisan education may rank above a more partisan one, even though the person giving the latter may be of significantly better character than I’ll ever have. It’s a good philosophic question to start Saturday morning off with.

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